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Rosetta Roastery recently posted an article on the average price of a coffee, more specifically a double shot of espresso with milk (varying amounts of milk), more commonly know as a flat white, cappuccino, or a latte. Their study showed the prices of fifty cups of ‘coffee’ in Cape Town, they used that range to derive an average cost of a cup of coffee in Cape Town and the figure came to R23.35. Their study showed that their coffee, and many other competitively priced independent stores, was in fact very averagely priced.

We saw this and decided that it would be cool to look at the average price in Johannesburg as well and then get a ‘national’ average, and I say ‘national’ as our study doesn’t really include Durban or Pretoria, or any of the small towns around South Africa. We do however feel that Johannesburg and Cape Town make up a big proportion of coffee drinkers in South Africa, especially when it comes to more high end coffee. We did however include one of our favourite Durban spots, Freedom Cafe.

Tashas – R36.00
Nino’s – R27.00
Voodoo Lily – R26.00
Craft and CO. – R26.00
Love Food – R26.00
Kauai – R26.00
Woolies Café – R26.00
Primi Piatti – R26.00
Double Shot – R25.00
BeanThere – R25.00
Exclusive Books – R25.00
Fournos – R24.90
Velo Café – R24.00
Cramers – R24.00
Roast Café – R24.00
Seattle – R24.00
Vida e Caffe – R23.50
Father Coffee – R23.00
Wimpy – R23.00
Mugg & Bean – R22.90
Post – R22.00
Warm & Glad – R22.00
Moemas – R22.00
Wolves – R22.00
Daleahs – R22.00
The Foundry – R22.00
4th Avenue Roasters – R15.00

Freedom Cafe – R27.00

Cape Town
Giovanni’s – R26.00
Kauai – R26.00
Primi Piatti – R26.00
Woolies Café – R26.00
Bootleggers – R25.00
DearMe – R25.00
Espresso Lab – R25.00
Jarryd’s – R25.00
Loading Bay – R25.00
Origin – R25.00
The House of Machines – R25.00
The Larder – R25.00
Tribe – R25.00
Truth – R25.00
Mischu – R24.50
BeanThere – R24.00
Caffe Neo – R24.00
Exclusive Books café – R24.00
Illy Café – R24.00
Kamili – R24.00
Melissa’s – R24.00
Oways – R24.00
Seattle – R24.00
Starlings Café – R24.00
Vida e Caffe – R23.50
Café Magnifico – R23.00
Café Paparazzi – R23.00
Knead – R23.00
Rosetta Roastery – R23.00
Schoon de Companje – R23.00
Wimpy – R23.00
Mugg & Bean – R22.90
Bacon on Bree – R22.00
Culture Club – R22.00
FEGO Café – R22.00
Hard Pressed – R22.00
Honest Chocolate Café – R22.00
Limnos Bakers – R22.00
Motherland – R22.00
Rootbar – R22.00
Hudson’s – R21.00
Cassis – R20.00
Clarke’s – R20.00
Superette – R20.00
The Blend – R20.00
Yoco Eatery – R20.00
Deluxe Coffeeworks – R19.00
Field Office – R19.00
Haas Café – R19.00

Average price of coffee in ‘South Africa’: R23.56

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    January 22, 2016

    Hi. Jake here…Tribe price is listed incorrectly..that’s the price for a latte…or an iced coffee … our most expensive drink…

    flat white/cappuccino is R21
    Cortado/Girbalter/Piccolo R19 (same cup as Delux, Rosetta, others)
    latte/iced coffee R25

    Please use correct numbers.

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