Sibot Unveils V.L.D.T’s Second Instalment

This week saw one of our favourite veterans of the game, electronic pioneer Sibot, present his latest offering; the next instalment of his project ‘V.L.D.T’. The four-EP, multi-genre series is an ongoing album, the rest of which is still in the works. L, which was released this week, finds influence in the house side of Sibot’s myriad production styles, marrying the genre with techno rhythms and nuances of the local electronic scene.

The three-track EP is yet another example of the dynamic ability of a producer who has remained pretty much uncategorisable, yet significantly recognisable throughout his career. Deep, tribal rhythms are accompanied by sharp electro synths; Kenyan chanting is offset with pulsing, shifting bass; subtle melodies give way to epic breakdowns.

Sibot’s biggest house influences have come from Kwaito, with artists such as DJ Cleo making a big impact on his style over the years. L, however, is his first straight-up house release, as he wanted to explore the sound with richer melodic and rhythmic ideas.

‘Even though house is a ‘genre’ I find it powerfully crossing and not too specific so it makes a strong monotonous bed to build more intricate ideas on.’ – Sibot

V.L.D.T as a project emerged from Sibot wanting to create something that would unfold and influence itself, including the listener and enticing them to come back for more. The name is shorthand for ‘Validate’ – a project which is validation to push out a wide variety of sounds and make them work as an album, seeking real freedom in not being genre-specific – after all, music is music. Somehow, the different sounds incorporated in the album will connect through mood rather than style, a personal test Sibot has set for himself to stretch and discover himself as an artist. Currently, the skeleton for the project has been laid down, although each EP goes through pretty intense crafting season.

‘After a listening session with Black Major we realised that there were A LOT of different sounds and it started worrying us how to to approach this. This concept kinda upheld very quickly when we all started spitballing this idea. I started cementing in pillar ideas and left the rest to be figured out in the project.’

The album was created after Sibot travelled to Kenya at the end of 2016 collecting sounds of different tribes for a job.

‘I met the most incredible friendly people and recorded beautiful songs. This EP features samples I collected on the trip. These people I met and samples I collected mean a lot to me and had a huge impact on me so I hope I do them justice.’

As well as collected samples, the EP includes an ’80s boys choir recorded in the Kango caves that Sibot found on record.

The distinctive artwork for the whole collection of EPs was designed by Artist Michael Mcgarry, which he designed as a code. The template has since been used to collaborate with other artists, rehashing Michael’s original design. L was designed by Teaaamalexis with his high definition glossy renders.

You’re probably wondering when to expect D. We’re looking at August. In the meantime, we can look forward to a big couple of months coming up from Sibot – a 10 year anniversary limited edition vinyl of In With The Old, a collaboration lined up with Shelflife to celebrate their 10 years with a range of V.L.D.T clothes, and a bunch of new work going into robotics studying, and the development of a new mechanical synth with ODI design.

Get your paws of L here.


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