Shooting Crushes X Nicholas Rawhani

The Uncultured club , with members Anthony Bila, Chisanga Mubanga and Nicholas Rawhani intend to supersede the usual and use their various talents to do so. Nicholas Rawhani conceptualized the idea of Shooting Crushes from his own continuous thoughts about crushes, and used photography as his medium.

A crush: infatuation at its peak, power play, an enchanting ride. Nicholas Rawhani’s debunked the usual approach regarding crushes, and turned the sequence of having a crush into art.

“Hey, I have a crush on you – let’s make art together.”
From that, Rawhani’s lovely crush Sindi-Leigh McBride participated in the series of photographs to come.
“The original idea was quite complex and involved projectors and face-paint and a whole load of other stuff…but in the end, we just hung out for like 8 hours and the vibe for a proper photo shoot wasn’t there….I just took a few photos while we were talking like I would with anyone when I have my camera around.” and the result of this captured the essence of their time together brilliantly.

“Telling someone you have a crush on them both creates a sense of trust (because of the vulnerability) but also let’s them know that they have a certain power in the relationship. That trust and power dynamic is exactly what I believe is needed to make good art.”

Take a look!

shooting crushes Nicholas Rawhani

shooting crushes Nicholas Rawhani2

shooting crushes Nicholas Rawhani3

shooting crushes Nicholas Rawhani4

shooting crushes Nicholas Rawhani5

shooting crushes Nicholas Rawhani

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