Illustrations X Menzi Ndlovu

Menzi Ndlovu is a Durban born and raised talent, residing in Joburg now, with a keen intent on exploring all kinds of creative avenues. Having studied Architecture , he does not limit himself to the title of being an Architect, or even an Illustrator but leaves room for his talent to manifest in any outlet his heart desires. Having gained recognition for his “One Minute Sketches”, it was obvious that has a remarkable gift of the hand!

We asked him a few questions as well, and here are his responses:

Has drawing always been a hobby?

“From a young age I’d always sketch for fun. I’d sketch portraits of my primary school classmates to finesse lunch money. It wasn’t a big challenge for me [to draw] so I didn’t feel the need to take it seriously. I didn’t even take Art when my high school teacher recommended it to me, because there was no point in learning about something I felt I, kinda, already knew. I always go for a challenge. I’m not saying I’ve mastered the art, don’t get me wrong, I’m just ‘bored’ by it for a lack of a better word. Let’s say i’m not motivated. I don’t even sketch that much anymore, no I’m lying, I do sketch but just don’t share my work as much anymore.”

Where do you draw inspiration from?

“Inspiration is around us, we just choose what to see and what to blur out. Nowadays you can travel the world while chilling on your sofa at home because of the internet. I usually stream TED talks on the tube, have random conversations. Instagram is the new Tumblr – that’s where I go for dope visuals. I was live streaming a fashion show in Paris the other day and it honestly felt like I had front row tickets. In the future, we gonna be live streaming everything. You can be in 3 countries at once while you home with your family. You know being uninspired is also a good thing because when you find it again, it’s very productive. When I’m uninspired it’s because I’ve been holding on to one idea for far too long. “

Is there a message you’d like to be conveyed in each illustration?

“It sounds way cooler for me to say my work tackles current youth issues or culture stereotypes, just so it can be taken seriously, it ain’t that deep for me. Also I can’t be illustrating beautiful girls in hopes of getting laid and calling it art, it’s corny. There is a very thin line. I do what I’m in the mood for, what I like – it’s very selfish but wildly transparent for interpretation.”

What’s next in terms of your work? 

“Honestly drawing, design and architecture helps me duck when emotions jab. It’s a free vacation to out of space, in my own world. It’s how I keep healthy. In the future I might be over illustrating and maybe focusing on making furniture, or It could all be a hybrid for something new and exciting. I just recently built my own coffee table out of recycled materials. The future has endless possibilities, i can’t define it, therefore  I can only tell you about today.”

Do you plan on pursuing illustration quite seriously? 


His work is a clear indication of his impressive unlimited talent, and he’s definitely one to look out for in the South African design scene. The illustrations featured capture a compelling essence with his superb use of bold vertical lines.

Take a look a look for yourself!








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