Chianosky on Fashion and her new EP, Hurricane.

Chianosky recently released a new EP, Hurricane, we asked her a few questions about the evolution of her music, style and how she has developed over the years as an artist.

Chianosky has evolved and developed over the years what do you feel are some of the major personal and artistic developments have been in your career?

Starting out my career at a young age I had to get with the picture pretty quickly , personally I feel like I have a better grasp on my identity as a women and as an artist. The experience I have had since 17 taught me how to play out my comfort zone , how important it is to surround yourself with the right people exchanging fear with perseverance / pushing doubt out of mind! Artistically the more music I’ve made the more clearer my message is becoming as a musician , understanding my abilities as well as the freedom and power in speaking your mind.

Hurricane, your latest EP, just dropped, tell us about what went into these songs and what they mean to you?

Getting back into the right headspace since my last release, “Hurricane” touches on beginnings in lust , strange attractions and within. Besides creeping into urban influences, I wanted to write from new perspectives other then my own – just a taste of what’s to come this year.

Where do you draw your inspiration from to produce the music you do?

Everything around me inspires me – soul and jazz were my first love because I loved the way they made me feel and from then on I knew I wanted to make people feel something too – I like experimenting with different genres with every thing that I release as long as I continue to stretch myself and be true to myself then the music will come naturally.

What defines you style and fashion sense and how does that align with your music?

I don’t like being too calculated when it comes to fashion, it’s fun to play characters and let the mood of the morning decide my wardrobe for me but seems like colour and sensuality is the common thread over the years. My body is my playground so I want my personality to translate through my style and kinda just dress how ever I want.

What elements of the South African music industry excites you?

Recently, collaboration! Everything and everyone is fusing, breaking the genre boundaries and the rules of radio. Sense of self-assuredness and originality amongst artists is also inspiring. Artists are also not just putting out music but rather more of a movement along with their music, tackling real conversations that are happening in South Africa.

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