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“The Samson Syndrome” by Cameron Foden

Cameron Foden, co-founder of Dandy Savant a formerly well received label, has been to London. But now he is back and ready to hit the Cape Town fashion scene once again. His first exhibition is happening tomorrow night at the Whatiftheworld design studio in Hope Street (No. 11) from 6pm till 9pm. we-are-awesome will be there. “This collection, the first solo for the self-taught designer, entitled the Samson Syndrome, takes inspiration from exploitation, manipulation and hypocrisy, with a specific interest in Israeli and US foreign policy ‘67 to present.” Read more

Music. Camera’s. Guys Tees and Leggings.

Pitchfork released their review of ‘Lisztomania’, from Phoenix’s most resent album, on Monday. They for once had a similar opinion to me and felt the song was well constructed. They even went as far as saying that ‘Lisztomania’ might be “the feel-good hit of the beginning of summer”. I have been looking around at entry level camera’s just to see what the big brands are releasing. People only really consider Nikon’s and Canon’s when purchasing a DSLR, unless they have some sentimental connection with other brands such as Olympus or Pentax. After much research and development another brand have put... Read more


SUPERSUPER is a british magazine that has just released its 16th issue, the first issue to be distributed nationwide. The magazine has featured artists such as MIA, Pete Doherty, Daft Punk and The Horrors. They have now also feature we-are-awesome in an article on club photographers, the article included our muse TheCobraSnake. SUPERSUPER Mart put those bankers at Goldman Sachs in that post for a understanding, though we, the unworthy and unimportant piddling people, cannot start to number out why. best essay writing service This committedness to platonistic writing excellency has made us one of the most trusted sources of... Read more


Today words have been on my mind, not those that I am going to say but those that others have said. Words of joy, phrases of sadness, quotes of wisdom and tit-bits of knowledge. Here are a few of my favourite words, some with pictures, some without. These are my favourites today. Tomorrow might be different. Read more


So we have decided that it would be nice to feature some of the young locals on our blog. There are quite a few skilled designers in the greater Cape Town area so if you have any one in mind or are skilled yourself, then please do not hesitate to contact us with the necessary details. Although our first feature is a fashion designer, this is by no means limited to fashion designers, all types of design are welcome. Well with all that said lets get to it. Our first featured designer is Amy Van Der Heever, she is only... Read more

The Black Ghosts

Simian’s Simon Lord and Theo Keating from The Wiseguys have joined forces to bring you The Black Ghosts. Theo’s past experience in DJ’ing and influence from a wide spectrum of producers such as Daft Punk and Serge Gainsbourg gets combined with Simon’s ability to compose rather disturbing lyrics out of fairly uncomfortable subject matter. The result, songs filled with dance and heartbreak. Much of The Black Ghosts music revolves around the negative aspects of love, focusing on the pain love can cause and the unnecessary pain people inflict on each other when in love. According to Theo they write “love... Read more

Sarah Alice

Sarah Alice describes her portrait series ‘Paper Face’ as a ‘portraiture peppered with paper.’ She has always desired to photograph Mick Jagger, so she did just that.In my opinion she has combined her desires and available resources (paper faces, a few printed faces and a bored friend) to create a fantastically inspiring, beautiful series. Models: Mick Jagger, Michel Gondry and Brigitte Bardot – faces only. Body Double: Bella. Photographer: Sarah Alice. Art Direction: Sarah and Bella. Read more

New Phoenix Album

I enjoy listening to ‘Run, run, run’ and a few other Phoenix hits, but I would never stick their album in and play it all the way through. Now all that has changed, Phoenix have just released, in my opinion, one of the best singles of the year so far with ‘Lisztomania’; its great in every way. It has that dancey/happy feel with an intricate depth that few other indie-pop-rock songs have. So far it’s my Mgmt of 2009. Also their website URL is, that’s pretty cool. For a free download of ’19o1′ another great song from their new... Read more

Vice City Battle: Round One

First up in the Vice city battle we have the skater look which, whether we like it or not, will always be around. Us folk over at we-are-awesome think that Melbourne and New York did well with the flannel button ups, and Barcelona didn’t get the memo that scarves are no longer in, also a negative on the wallet-chain. Milan didn’t really get anything right in this department. New York loses points for over using the flannel, too much of a good thing, thus leaving Melbourne as the winners of round one. Images courtesy of Read more

Dear Reader

A few weeks ago Dear Reader, previously known as Harris Tweed, played a show at Assembly on a quiet Thursday night. The show, almost perfect, had a different feel about it. Assembly is one of the largest live venues in Cape Town so a gentle band that is well known for its intimate gigs has a hard time capturing everyone’s attention. Dear Reader didn’t have this problem. I arrived to a seated crowed, couches surreptitiously spread throughout the room, dim light stage, crowed in awe of what was about to happen. Not your average Assembly night. I am glad everyone... Read more

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South Africa

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