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ANNOUNCEMENT: Park Acoustics’ 4th Birthday feat. ST. Lucia.

On 1 June this year Park Acoustics will be celebrating their fourth birthday, and they’ve pulled out all the stops to commemorate this special occasion by hosting international synth-pop sensation St Lucia. St Lucia is the brainchild of South African born, New York based, Jean-Philip Grobler. Their hit track ‘September’ featured on the Fifa ’13 soundtrack and topped the 5FM Top 40 in January 2013. They have been making waves in the States and the single ‘All Eyes On You’ was featured on a Victoria’s Secret advertisement on that side of the Atlantic. They appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Talk... Read more
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Neil ‘The Dude’ Unger.

Neil Unger took up skateboarding a few years, and at aged 60, he’s not stopping anytime soon. He finds a clarity in the sport, and applies this to the rest of his life – a fresh perspective on skateboarding. ‘How old can I get and still act young?’ Read more

Puppy Club April/May 14.

Puppy Club is back with new threads for the girls this month, now stocking at Babette – a mini-range of matchy-matchy pastel-coloured crop tops, skirts, and leotards. The label, started by Andie Reeves has been pushing out small-scale collections of fun prints, simple design, and colaboration for the last couple of years. Check out more of Andie’s clothes and thoughts on her blog, and tune into Puppy Club Radio Tuesdays 12pm – 2pm on Assembly Radio. Read more
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Let Us Roam Episode II: Arto Saari.

Next up in Leica’s Let Us Roam series is Arto Saari: Arto Saari is a professional skateboarder born in Seinajoki, Finland. He’s been one of the most celebrated skateboarders of our time, while starring in several skate films and elevating the standard in the industry. In the last three years Arto has shifted his focus from skateboarding to photography. This short film captures that transition and his process to make photography his profession. Read more
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We-are-awesome FILM Showreel 2014

For the last give or take 2 years We-are-awesome FIlM has been working with some of the most incredible people, adventurous brands and most enthusiastic collaborators. Here is a highlights package of what we have been up to… Thanks so much to everyone who has been part of our journey thus far. Read more

TheEnd. 17.4.14.

TheEnd has only seen one edition and it has already put fear in the hearts of many young party-going people of Johannesburg. The second edition is this Thursday at Great Dane and promises much of the same debauchery and mischief. Read more

New Project. Pussy Slap (David Gabriel Thorpe).

David Thorpe is at it again. Spearheading some of our country’s best bands – Gateway Drugs, The Dollfins, and Beach Party – as well as a solo project or two and numerous collaborative endeavours, Dave Thorpe has dropped a DIY music video for ‘Give Me Your Time’, the first single from his new solo project ‘Pussy Slap’ – soon to be followed by a 5 track EP of dirty garage punk. This is an exercise in complete musical self-sufficiency, from recording to videos, so it might be kinda shit but luckily I’ve picked a genre where that’s sort of okay… Read more

New Fan Video. Gangs of Ballet – House and Money.

Durban-based Gangs of Ballet asked their fanbase to send in Instagram videos with #yesnogrey for their new single, ‘House and Money’. They’ve taken the fan contributions and developed them into the music video for the single: Contributors: @duvalf7, @makarune, @ryanfray, @sarahdlamini, @dein_conrad_official, @jasonbird12, @redcapfoundation, @benjaminsmithjnr, @danchappe, @rosco627, @megpilditch, @rowanmaggs, @rorkehunterkemp, @ginakrinsky, @tessyb, @weejee_vdh, @bretozzz, @adreynecke, @commdiveking, @keenanconstance, @daviebart, @christhevalentine, @the_real_amy_poole, @rudoswan, @danielericshewell Additional footage: @bradklynsmith, @jono_rich, @joshklynsmith, @hardusdebeer Read more

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Vans #Livingoffthewall. Episode One: Bonnie Danskin.

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