We-Are-Awesome was started in late 2007 by Andrew Berry and Sean Sassen, who took it upon themselves to document what was happening in their city. This Capecentric approach quickly grew into a platform that provided support for all South African artists, musicians, festivals, photographers and other creative work deserving its fifteen minutes in the spotlight.

What happened then was a paradigm shift that resulted in young South Africans no longer looking overseas for their inspiration. WAA’s macro lens showed us that we were already doing things on a global scale, it just needed the right framing.

Today WAA is the ever-watching, all seeing eye on what’s cool. No need to trawl the internet for that next hot band, WAA has already got the Soundcloud link up. Likewise you don’t have to snap a selfie at that next gig you attend because WAA is shooting from the sidelines. Or, more often than not, from the middle of the pit while partying with you. Hell, their post is the reason you’re even at this particular event in the first place… And if you need to remember what happened then simply log in the next morning to find out. Yes, you did that

It’s by documenting the tastemakers, the scenesters, the young and the restless, youth culture at the bleeding edge, which has resulted in WAA winning the award for Lifestyle Blog of the Year at the 2014 African Blog Awards, brand alignments with top companies and, ultimately, building, servicing and maintaining a loyal audience hungry to be the first to know.